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The reveal of the Community CARES Family Shelter (that so many of you generously donated to) is finally here. Without this facility and driving too far the families with children that would otherwise be on the street or living in their car now have a very, very, very, very, very, very, very good opportunity here. We are intensely satisfying on every level and appreciative of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania for giving this opportunity and allowing us to lease this space. It has been a bit of a struggle getting this off the ground, but we are proud of it. 


We believe STRONGLY that coming home to a space of your own (temporary or not) will effect your mood which effect your actions and therefore your future. Support from a community that truly CARES is also a plus.  

This shelter will be their temporary home ’til the parents can get back on their feet, where they will have the time that can help them find and keep jobs and homes. Meanwhile their kids (as young as newborns and as old as teenagers) can have a safe, healthy and comfortable environment to be raised in – environments that we take for granted on a daily basis. You may have never felt the fear, discomfort, embarrassment etc... of not knowing where you will sleep, but maybe you know all too well.  We are proud to say that now there are dozens less kids that don’t have to know that as their reality anymore.

Located at 206 E. Burd Street in Shippensburg PA Community CARES Family Shelter shelters up to 8 families a day.  Each family is given their own room, sink and toilet with shared shower and kitchen facilities.  There is a kids play room, conference/homework room, clothing room and supplies for regular hygiene and daily care.  

We partner with many agencies to assist in providing food support, transportation, employment, budget building, housing search, and much more.  

We still have need of support and creative ideas to help make this really a home children and families can thrive as they step into there next situation.  Consider volunteering to help with general building maintenance, children's story hour, kids craft and meal time, prepare meals, run a workshop of support, assist the staff with donations inventory, front desk management and much more. 

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