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Are you eligible for Homeless Prevention?

Homeless Prevention provides funding for those living in Cumberland County who are at risk of becoming homeless.  Homeless Prevention assists those who have housing right now, but who may become homeless
soon because they lost income or had another eligible emergency which prevents them from paying rent.


  • Payment of future rent, or rent arrears to prevent eviction

  • Security deposits


  • You live in Cumberland County

  • You are at risk of becoming homeless due to eviction

  • You economically classify as low-income household. To be eligible, you must have a household income at or below 30% of the area median income guidelines (click for income guidelines)

  • Your landlord completes the requirements.

  • Rental meets County Fair Market Rate. (click for FMR guidelines). 

Step-by-Step Guide to Homelessness Prevention Services:


1 Download and complete application with required documentation.   

2.  Call the Community CARES 717-249-1009 ext. 2228.

3. CARES determines eligibility.

4. Schedule appointment with a CARES representative.

5. Contingent upon landlord approval, move in process begins.

6. Property inspection completed prior to rental subsidy payment.

7. Monthly appointments with a CARES case manager/housing stabilization specialist, if applicable.

8. Income recertification every 90 days, if applicable.

Items you will need to provide:

  • Valid photo identification & social security numbers for all adults in the household. Must be legal residents.

  • Birth certificates & social security cards for all children in the household.

  • Proof of all income, including child support, unemployment compensation, and wages are required. Must be 30% below Area Median Income guidelines.  When funding is available we can allow below 50% Area Median Income. 

  • If receiving Food Stamps, Disability, TANF, SSI, or other cash benefit assistance, a benefit letter will be required.

  • Complete budget with all expenses noted.

  • Proof of need: Court Ordered Eviction notice or a letter certifying homelessness from a homeless shelter.

  • There are other federal requirements that you will be notified of through the case manager.

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