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2021 End of year giving

A few 2021 highlights:

  • ​Continued to shelter families in hotels through August due to COVID effect

  • Assisted over 60 families

  • Provided 680 severe weather shelter beds.  Our first year providing this from Nov - Apr

  • Started working with UPMC Street Medicine Program in April.  They provide medical support to those living sheltered and unsheltered weekly. 

  • Even during the worse time of COVID never stopped sheltering.

  • Secured funding for Homeless Prevention to assist individuals and families behind on rent or needing assistance to keep housed.

  • August 2021 opened a family shelter in Shippensburg providing rooms for eight families. 

  • To date we have provided shelter to 435 Men, women and children.

  • Cumberland Street Reach have worked with 469 individuals and families.

  • We collected and have given coats, blankets, tents and sleeping bags to many throughout the year.

These are a few of our highlights that are only possible because the the caring support and many partnerships we have with our community.  

Consider giving to keep this vital service available.  Click the DONATE button to give or mail a check to Community CARES 50 West Penn Street Carlisle, PA 17013

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