Good News! Sometimes people hit a roadblock in their lives that
stops them in their tracks making it difficult to see ahead.  Our friend Patience needed the support of CARES for a short time in his life and several years after leaving our program was an offer for a dream job in washington State. he could not leave the area without sharing his appreciation for CARES staff for helping him find hope in a difficult time.  he blesses the residents with a meal at Biddle Mission Park. Think you and good luck friend! 

Nothing brings us more joy than seeing a life transformed.  This thank you note was from a resident who took advantage of all our program can provide and found himself a permanent place. Thanks to Middlesex United Methodist Church, we were able to provide him with a bathroom and kitchen kit to begin his beginning. 

So many people come and go through the doors of CARES 2019 we assisted over .... Ty became somewhat of a son of the house.  Check out his story in our inspiring Turn Around Tuesday stories featured on our Facebook page. 

Thanks to a grant from Partnership for Better Health CARES was finally able to have Tuckey construct a toilet and wash room for us. 

Thanks to the students at the Carlisle High School we were able to have some stylist signs to hang in our building.  To date CARES has not had a positive case of COVID in the shelter.  We have been able to help provide places for those infected without a home in the county a safe palce to recover off sight from the shelter and work to assist them to find housing. 

People are so talented and creative. Check out this unique and inspiring way that our friend Mary Ann supported CARES during COVID.  Thank you so much!!!

When COVID hit, our Cumberland Street Reach team hit the streets even more than before.  Our 2 coordinators work nonstop providing supports for those living without shelter. They work to connect to the community to find new ways they can partner and support those in need. This van was donated to assist our team to be better equipped with needed supplies to hand out as they are traveling the county. Thanks to Sam & Alicia Barnouski of Newville who generously donated this Honda minivan. It is a perfect addition to the Community CARES program.



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