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Gallons of Water

Disinfectant wipes


Disinfectant cleaner

Paper towels


Bathroom cleaners
Hand sanitizer
Disposable Gloves (medium & large)
Trash bags (13,33 & 55 gal. sizes)
Coffee & Sugar

Prepared Meals

If you would like to prepare a meal for our residents (between 40-60 people) during these trying times, please use the link below.


Please indicate what you would like to bring and when.

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Community CARES would like to thank our community for your continued support of our mission.  We are asking for additional supports during this health crises, as our resources are stretched thin. 
    You can partner with us by visiting our website and Facebook pages daily for the latest needs list.  
At this time we are seeking emergency funds to address immediate unavoidable expenses.

 For the safety of those dropping off donations, please pull up to the table next to the handwashing station at our NEW LOCATION, The Stuart Community Center located at 415 Franklin Street, Carlisle, between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.  Log the donations being presented, then ring the doorbell; someone will come out to pick up the donation. We thank you all for your care, concern and consideration.  
At this time we ask that clothing donations are per request.  We strongly encourage you use the Communty Aid bins designated for
Community CARES. 

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